Cum Hiking With My Hot Wife

Categories: xxx - September 18, 2020

Last summer, Julissa and I took a weekend trip to the Bear Flats area to campout, hike, and have some outdoor sex. It was a chance also to expose my wife topless or nude to other hikers. It was a good three-mile hike from the campground, but the views, quietness, and beauty was well worth it; especially the area around the waterfalls. There was a good chance that we would be the only two there; however, Julissa and I were hoping to run into other hikers. Julissa decided to wear her sports bra to start, and a short-short pair of shorts with her socks and hiking boots. I wore my hiking boots, cutoffs a t-shirt and ball cap. The hike was relatively easy; the land was relatively smooth, and the climb was not that steep through the little canyon. We came up to a large pond and could hear a waterfall. The waterfall was spectacular. There were hundreds of pine and oak trees, plants, and colorful flowers everywhere you looked. We had not seen anyone on the trail coming up to the waterfall, and no one had been coming down. We had the place completely to ourselves. Close to the bottom of the waterfall, near the water, was a great spot to sit, relax, and enjoy the sites.

I helped Julissa down the slippery rocks to the great spot. She had packed a few goodies to eat and drink when we had arrived. The water was cool and refreshing to the taste. Julissa suggested that after we enjoyed the snack, we could take a dip in the cool crisp water. I smiled at her, having something else on my mind. I didn’t wait for the snacks to come out of the pack; I slipped off my shirt, socks, and boots and jumped into the water in my cutoffs. Julissa threw her head back in laughter. When I came to the surface, I held out my arms and told Julissa to come in the water. The drop wasn’t far, and I promised I would catch her if she slipped. She took a few steps back from the edge, closed her eyes, held her breath, and jumped. She opened her eyes just in time to enter the water below. The water seemed to lift her up as if she were floating on air. The water was just warm enough to keep us in, and cool enough to keep the hot day at bay. The time seemed to fly by. We swam, ate, swam, and walked around the hidden paradise until our hearts were content. We thought for sure that more people would know about this spot and want to come see it as much as we did.

After drying off and getting dressed, we walked upstream and came across a meadow surrounded by trees. Julissa wanted to get a closer look at it. Wild flowers scented the air. Julissa walked further into the meadow, and held out her hand for me to follow her. She kissed my lips, and ran ahead. I chased behind her, finally catching her and pulled her close and kissed her softly with more passion than before. Julissa slid to her knees and smiled devilishly up at me. She unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down. She pulled my underwear down and started to stroke my cock with her hands. The smile on my face showed my obvious delight with her actions. Julissa was going to make this last a while. She slowly licked up one side and down the other, taking only the head into her mouth for a second and then repeating it all over again. I let out a moan, and put my hands in her long hair. I wanted her to take me all in her mouth, but Julissa was in control this time. She wrapped her lips around my hardness, and sucked me almost to her tonsils, letting me out slowly, and pulling it back in again. I let Julissa control the speed, but kept my hands firmly in her hair. Finally not being able to take anymore, I escaped her grasp and fell to the ground with her.

I wanted to please her now. I unzipped her sports bra and wrapped my hands around her breasts. I love the taste of her skin, and nibbled on her hard nipples. Julissa arched her back and stroked my hair. I slowly slipped my hands down Julissa’s belly and into her pants. I unbuttoned them with ease and looked into her eyes, and went down between her tanned legs. She opened her legs wide and let me look at her shaved pussy. I bent my head down, and licked her clit slowly with lust. I buried my face inside of her, and was determined not to come out until I knew she was very satisfied. It was not long before Julissa was telling me to come up and kiss her. I took her mouth with such force, our tongues met one another twisting and mating with each other. I slid inside Julissa with such ease. I held my cock just at the opening knowing that Julissa hated, and loved that more than anything. I teased her for several long minutes letting the climax build in her. Finally thrusting into her hard, I let her cum again and again. Next, I pulled Julissa up and turned her over.

I pulled her ass close to my cock and went deep inside of her. I started off slow with short strokes, knowing I was close to the edge. I wanted it to last as long as I could. Speeding up just a little, using longer strokes, I knew I was close to cumming. I started thrusting into her faster and faster and then came with such intensity. The two of us collapsed onto the ground. When we finally rolled over and looked up into the clearing, we observed two deer watching us. What a day this had turned out to be. I pulled Julissa close to my heart and whispered I love you into her ear. Julissa told me she loved me too, and snuggled closer. We just lay there naked and looked at the scenery, not wanting to move. Finally with a sweet kiss she said, “Do you think you could give a woman a hot-oil massage?”

Julissa stood up and placed a small blanket on the grass and then lay face down on the ground. I knelt beside her and started the kneed to the small of her back. Julissa then whispers to me that a young hiker is watching us. She moaned in appreciation and I looked up to see that the scenario is having an uplifting effect on our young voyeur.

Julissa turned her head to our observer and said loudly, “Two hands are great, but I bet four hands would be even better. What do you say handsome, want to pitch in?”

In an instant, her admirer is beside us on the grass, “Where should I start?” he asks.

“My legs,” Julissa said, “The backs of my thighs.”

Our new friend’s strong young hands immediately went to the backs on her legs and started to squeeze and rub her thighs. He worked his hands down to Julissa’s calves and back up again. He started squeezing the tops of her legs and ventured up to start squeezing my wife’s ass cheeks. Julissa moaned her approval. Slowly, mesmerized by the spectacle unfolding before me, I pulled away from massaging her back and sat on the blanket, incredibly turned on and wondering how far this is going to go. Suddenly, Julissa rolled over onto her back and grabbed her admirer’s shoulders, pulling his face to hers. When his face iwa directly over hers, she reached up and took his face into her hands and pulled it down, her lips enveloping his and her tongue darting into his mouth. Julissa’s hands started running up and down his chest and shoulders. She sat up and pushed him onto his back and straddled his hips. She looked up at me, smiled and then removed his shirt. She leaned down and kissed him again, her still damp hair cascading around his face. His hands reach up to grab her ass and she pushed herself against him. She broke the kiss and started biting his neck, all the while grinding her hips against his.

Julissa worked her way down from his neck and took one of his nipples in her mouth; he threw his head back and moaned. One of her hands went down the front of his shorts and I could see her grab his cock; he moaned again. While alternating between sucking both his nipples, the hand that was grabbing his cock was now undoing the front of his shorts. With his shorts undone, she pulled his cock out and started pumping it with her hand. Pausing from sucking and licking his nipples, she looked up at me and smiled. Her eyes were totally consumed with lust! Julissa broke eye contact with me and started kissing her way down his body. When she got to his cock, my wife looked at me again and never broke eye contact while she ran her tongue up his shaft and took his head into her mouth. She continued licking and swallowing his cock while looking at me, the sound of his moaning turning her on even more. I took my cock into my hands, started to stroke it in relief. Julissa smiled at me. Then, she began kissing her way back up his body and put her tongue in his mouth. I saw her lean down to whisper something in his ear and then pull away and look and me. Julissa rose up and crawled over to me and took my hands away from my cock. She started licking it and I could see her new friend get up on his knees and position himself behind her. He looked at me and smiled.

“Now fuck me!”

While Julissa licked and sucked my cock, she reached behind and grabbed his cock. “I want you inside me now!” she gasped. He pushed into her roughly, flesh slapping against flesh and I heard Julissa gasp, “Oh my God!”

You could tell that he was really hurting her as he pounded her from behind. He had a tight grip on her hips and he told her he was going to cum inside her. She told him to do what he wanted. He pumped his cum inside her after a few minutes, and as he pulled out, you could see a stream of cum hanging out of her pussy and off the tip of his cock. She put her rosy lips on his cock and cleaned him off. He thanked us for the great time, dressed, and walked off down the trail.

I left Julissa lying nude on the blanket and went near the stream and gathered some wild raspberries we had seen earlier on our hike. As I walked through the brush and trees towards our picnic spot, I observed two young guys in their mid-twenties enter the clearing. Both of them had hair down to their shoulders; one was blonde and the other had dark hair. They were both very good looking and fit. Out of their sight I watched as Julissa patted the grass beside her and they sat down on either side of her. They were both smiling and she put her hands on their thighs and whispered alternately in each of their ears. They stood up and took their shirts off. They’re obviously athletic and in great shape and my horny wife looked at them approvingly, her neck was starting to flush. Then, Julissa looked over in my general direction as she ran her hands over the bare skin of their chests and washboard stomachs. She reached toward the one on her right with both her hands and unbuttoned his jeans. She slid her hands inside the waist band and around to his ass; she gave his ass a squeeze and pulled his jeans to his ankles. He stepped out of his jeans and remained standing in front of my nude wife in only his boxer shorts. Julissa then repeated the same procedure with the young guy on her left.

“Lie down on the blanket guys,” she said. “My husband is out there watching and I want him to see everything that’s about to happen.”

Julissa then lay back and slid her way up between the young guys. When she was up far enough that her head was at the same height as theirs, she put her hands on the back of each of their necks and pulled their faces towards hers. First she pulled one of them towards her and kissed him. Julissa quickly released him and pulled the other young guys face towards her and kissed him. She alternated kissing them and I could see from my vantage point that she was putting her tongue in their mouths and that they were returning the favor. Both of them were running their hands over her naked breasts and nipples. They both lowered their faces and each took a nipple in their mouths. Julissa groaned, threw her head back and arched her hips. They continued to lick, suck and gently bite her nipples for a long time. My wife was writhing on the blanket and I could see that she was rubbing the front of their underwear, squeezing their hardness. The young guys were still concentrating on her nipples but, I saw their hands go to the front of her pubes and start rubbing her pussy and clit. Julissa arched to meet their hands and gasped.

By now, she was able to reach down and push their underwear off their hips and down to their knees. I could see her hands on their cocks, pulling and stroking their hardness while they continued to lick and suck her nipples. My wife whispered in one of their ears and he rolled onto his back. Julissa smiled at the other young man and rolled on top of the young man on his back. As she did, I could see her lower her groin to his and start rubbing herself against him. His strong young hands went to her ass and started squeezing. She whispered something in his ear and he chuckled. Then she started sucking and licking his nipples and reached down to take him in her hand, stroking vigorously. The other young man was now kissing her back and reached down to squeeze her breasts. She slowly kissed her way down the young man’s stomach and licked the inside of his thighs. Then she raised her head and took his hardness into her mouth. She licked, sucked and used her hands on him while she pushed his underwear all the way off. My wife grabbed his penis, straddled him and lowered herself down on to him. I heard them both groan. She started pumping up and down and he was rising to meet her. His hands were on her hips, sliding down to take her ass in his hands and squeezed.

She glanced over her shoulder and told the other young man to get on his knees in front of her. Julissa placed her hands braced on the chest of the young man beneath her and she leaned down to take the second young man in her mouth. She was bucking on top of one young man and the other had his hands on the side of her head so that she could take him into her mouth. My wife was groaning and gasping, and so were both the young men. I was incredibly jealous and incredibly turned on at the same time. It became apparent that the young man on the bottom was about to cum and Julissa staredt riding him frantically, urging him to cum inside her. He grunted and arched his back, lifting her off the blanket.

“Oh God!” he gasped, and continued to buck his hips as he came inside my wife.

“I’m coming too!” I heard Julissa say as she wrapped her calves under his and pulled herself tight against him.

The whole time, she had managed to keep the other young man in her mouth. She pulled away from him and leaned down to gently kiss the young man beneath her, slipping her tongue in his mouth and licking his lips. Julissa slowly lifted herself off him, turned and crawled, on all fours towards my vantage point so that her face was only a couple of feet from mine. She looked at me but, her eyes were misted over with lust.

“How’s it feel?” she said to me.

Julissa glanced over her shoulder to the young man she just had in her mouth and said, “Take me doggie-style!”

While he’s getting prepared, the first young man slid up between her legs so that her nipples were just inches from his lips. Looking at me, Julissa slowly lowered her breasts down so he could take a nipple in his mouth. She moaned and closed her eyes. I looked up to see that the other young man had now positioned himself behind her with his hands on her hips. He grabbed her hips and slid himself all the way inside her.

“Oh shit, oh Jesus!” I heard Julissa gasp as he started plunging into her. She leaned down and stuck her tongue into the mouth of the young man under her. His hands reached up and he pinched her nipples between his fingertips. She pulled her mouth off his long enough to gasp again; “Fuck, oh fucking Jesus!”

Then she started kissing him harder and pinching his nipples with her fingertips. Behind her, the young man had a firm grasp on her hips and was pulling himself violently against her ass; I could hear my wife’s flesh meeting his. Julissa was rotating her hips in a circular motion and pushing back to meet his every thrust. Her tongue darted in and out of the mouth of the young man beneath her and she was swearing and gasping like I’ve never heard her do before. Then, she pushed the young man underneath forward so that she could lean down and take his penis in her mouth and start sucking it. Julissa grabbed his penis with her hand and started jerking it up and down while she lowered her mouth and started licking his balls. This went on for what seemed like an eternity to me until the young man behind announced that he’s about to cum.

“Come now!” she ordered him, “Jesus, I coming again!” and she pushed back against him even harder. He yelps and Julissa cried out, “Fuuuuuuuuck!”

He continued to thrust against my wife’s ass while he came, and now I could see that she was intent on making the young man beneath her cum again by sucking his balls and using her hands to frantically jerk him off. She rubbed his penis against her face and licked it to get more lubrication.

“I want you to come on my tits!” she announced to him, “Tell me when you’re about to cum.”

“Now!” he gasped.

Julissa placed his penis against her chest and continued to jerk it, licking the tip at the same time. Soon, he was cumming and she started rubbing it all over her chest, spreading it over her hard nipples. Her upper body glistened with the sheen of his cum. Then she got off the blanket and crawled to my position and French-kissed me. As I’m kissing her, the young men have positioned themselves on either side of Julissa and are leaning down to touch my wife’s naked body. Their hands were sliding down her backside and squeezing her ass. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that they were both hard again. Her hands reached out and she started caressing their hardness. Julissa leaned over and took one, then the other into her mouth.

“Enjoying the view?” she said to me.

Then she stood up and pulled the young men back onto the blanket. She laid on her back and spread her legs and told each of the young men to fuck her again. Then I watched one young man push inside her while she passionately kissed the other. Every fifteen minutes, they changed places as she urged them on, grabbing their asses and wrapping her legs around their waists to pull them deeply inside her. This went on for at least an hour until they have both cum several times again and she announced her multiple orgasms. At last it came to an end and both the young men thanked us, dressed, and walked off down the trail.

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