Its Been a Hot Minute

Categories: xxx - June 8, 2024

https updates

Well I will admit, it’s been an absolute hot minute since I wrote one of these things. Been busy with a hundred other things, working hard, and getting a lot of stuff done. Time just hasn’t come up to take of all the things I have to take care of. Websites and web design sort of got shuffled to the back of the pile.

However, technology has sort of riled up and made life a pain, and I was getting tired of all the issues that kept creeping in to existing sites. See, a https (secured connection) became a thing. It seems like nothing more than 1 letter in a URL, but on the back end of a server it is a living hell. No other way to describe it. It requires changes at the core of a web server, and a ton of changes to each and every site. WordPress makes it easier and way harder. So I have been just plowing my way through that, trying to catch up. The other thing is that (sadly) a number of previously popular membership sites, cam sites, and video streaming sites have all disappeared. So there are some dead links out there to squash too. I can’t even think to make anything new or write much, I just have to cruise along.

So if you want to have some fun in the meantime, one piece of the world works and works well. Tit 4 Free is a massive live cam site with plenty of free enjoyment and then more after that, it’s amazing. Check it out while I hide in a corner and swear at all the work I have to do!

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