Wifes Darker and Better Side

Categories: xxx - August 31, 2020

“Jeanette really is a stunning woman”, I think to myself as I drop her off at Marie’s place. I’m working late tonight and Jeanette asked me if it would be OK if she and her friend, Marie, went to the Black Stallion club for a few drinks while I worked. Marie’s husband, Jacques, would drive them to the club and I would pick them up again after I had finished at the office at 11 pm . “Till later, Luv!” She leans over from the passenger seat and gives me a peck on the lips. “Love you!

I give her a hug. “Enjoy it! And remember – don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

“Come now! You now me better than that!” she smirks as she walks up the path that led to Marie’s front door. My eyes involuntarily drop to the swing of those perfect hips. For a moment I wonder if her skirt is not a bit too short. Then I look at how it shows off those long legs and decides that it is just perfect! I realize once again how lucky I am to have such a beautiful wife and drive off to work.

At the office, I start up my computer and start working. There is a lot to do and I would like to be finished before 11.

After 9:00 I get up and walk into my secretary’s office to look for a file. I look everywhere but simply cannot find it. Then I remember. Peter, my partner, took it home with him to study.

“Damn!” I think to myself. “Now I might as well go home.” There is no way that I can continue my work without that file and driving over to Peter’s at this hour would be out of the question.

Well, maybe the situation is not as bad as it seems. Too bad for Marie, but I’m going to fetch that beautiful wife of mine en take her home. The night is still young and, who knows…? The way she looks tonight… Marie will just have to understand!

I switch off my computer; lock up the office en drive to the club. I park my car in front of the Black Stallion and enter. The music is loud and the stench of cigarette smoke hangs heavily in the air. There are not many people here tonight, probably because it is a week night. I’m relieved, because this means that I should not have a problem finding the girls.

I look everywhere, but cannot find them. “Strange”, I think to myself. “Where on earth could they be? Surely they couldn’t have gone home already…”

Just as I am about to leave and drive to Marie’s place, I hear that delightful laugh! I turn around, look past a huge pot plant and sure enough, there behind a trellis with an artificial vine is a table with four chairs that I’ve missed. And there in the low light is the unmistakable blonde head of the love of my life! I sneak up to surprise them.

“What the hell..? They’re not alone…!” I feel the green monster of jealousy rearing its ugly head as I stare at the two men that are with the women. The guy next to Marie whispers something in her ear while putting his arm around her. I can see that she’s enjoying the attention very much. “Typical!” I thought. “Marie was always a bit of a flirt.”

Just then Jeanette leans over en plants a kiss on the other guy’s cheek, while stroking his thigh. I nearly have a heart attack! How dare she…?! He puts his arm around her and pulls her up against him. She rests her head on his shoulder. “The dog! I’m going to beat the shit out of him! Who the hell does he think he is?” I get up to confront them, but then come to my senses and decide not to overreact. “Maybe they’re just good buddies who are having a drink together. There has to be an explanation. No reason to cause a scene.” I sit down and decide to monitor the situation. They cannot see me at all as it is reasonably dark where I am sitting.

Jeanette gets up and leans over the table to pour more wine. She stands with her back to the guy. Shit! That skirt is definitely too short! I can clearly see how her ‘friend’ checks out her panties without much effort. He places his hand on her inner thigh and starts to stroke it. She laughs, turns around and says something to him. God, I wish I could hear what they were saying! She leans back against him and he puts his arms around her. I can clearly see how his right hand closes around her right breast! Surely she won’t allow that! She puts her hand on his. There you go! Now she’ll remove his hand from her breast and make him understand in a civilized way that he is overstepping the line.

But her hand remains on his. She makes absolutely no effort to remove his hand. Is it my imagination or is she stroking his hand while he is fondling her tit? I’m fuming! I’m going to kill this son of a bitch! I restrain myself with difficulty.

I tear my eyes away from them and glance at Marie. She and her partner are locked in a passionate embrace. She virtually has her tongue down the guy’s throat!

I look back at my wife, just in time to see her ‘friend’s” hand disappear into her blouse and into her bra. I can see by the movement of his hand under the material that he is rolling her nipple between his fingers. She usually get very horny when I do that to her. Despite the bad light I can see by her facial expression that it is indeed the case! She leans further back, turns her head towards his and kisses him passionately on the lips. I can see her tongue disappearing into his mouth. He removes his hand from under the top of her blouse and pulls it out of her skirt. Both his hands disappear under her blouse and I can see him fiddling between her breasts. The dog! He is undoing the clasp of her front fastening bra! Then he cups her two full, firm breasts in his hands and starts to gently tug on her nipples.

Then her one hand disappears under her buttocks. What the hell is she doing? No! I don’t believe this! She is actually stroking his dick through the front of his pants!

His right hand releases her tit and disappears under her skirt. He strokes her inner thigh, higher and higher and then she spreads her legs to give him access to her pussy! I can see how he pulls the crotch of her panties to one side to expose her plump pussy. I know my wife and realize that by now her pussy is sopping wet! She shudders and gasps as he touches her clit. She moves to one side and by the movements of her hand, I can see that she is opening his fly. Her hand dips into his trousers en reappears, holding this monster dick! My own dick is not small, but this guy is huge! Her hand barely fits around it as she starts to pump it feverishly.

Her legs stiffen slightly and she arches her back backwards as his finger (fingers?) enters her cunt. He finger fucks her wet pussy while she strokes his hard dick.

But wait! What the hell is going on here? Something is very, very wrong here! Here I am, watching my wife getting finger fucked by a total stranger while she’s jerking him off and I’m not doing a thing about it?! On the contrary, I am beginning to experience emotions that totally go against my nature. I try to convince myself that I am not enjoying the situation, but the hard cock in my pants tells a different story! I have a raging hard-on! But why would she be doing this? I do not doubt for one minute that she loves me. We get on like a house on fire! Could it be because of a lack of adventure in our relationship? Highly unlikely!

Then our ‘friend’ lets go of her other tit and that hand also disappears under her skirt. She lifts her ass ever so slightly and he pushes her black panties over her hips till below her knees. She releases his hard cock and takes off her panties completely. She drops it on the floor next to the chair and gets up. She turns towards him and straddles him. Her hand disappears under her skirt and I can see that she is getting hold of his dick.

My God! Surely she’s not going to fuck him…?! I look around to see who else is watching this spectacle. I’m relieved to see that the few other people in the club are too busy going about their own business to notice what is happening.

My gaze returns to Jeanette and I see how she lowers her body onto his hard cock, guiding it into her cunt. Her head falls backwards and she grimaces as her ass hits his balls. His monster dick is buried to the hilt in my pretty wife’s cunt! She sits still for a moment, getting used to his enormous size inside her. Then her hips begin a slow rocking motion as she starts to fuck him. His one hand unbuttons her blouse and he takes out her full breast. I can see from here that her nipple is rock hard! He lowers his head to her breast and takes her nipple into his mouth. He gently sucks and nibbles on her nipple while he put his hand up her skirts below her buttocks. He is playing with her wet cunt while she is fucking him!

This is too much for me! My own hard-on is straining so hard against my pants that it hurts! I look around and, satisfied that no-one can see, I unzip my pant and take out my hard cock. Then I slowly start wanking under the table.

I look at Marie to see what she is making of all this. She is sitting on the lap of the other guy with her back towards him. She is leaning forward with her elbows on the table. I cannot believe that she does not notice what is going on right next to her. Then I see it! Very inconspicuous, but very much there! Her hips rocking gently on the guys lap. She could not be bothered about what Jeanette is doing! She’s doing the same! She’s fucking the guy! I almost came right there on the spot! I immediately let go of my dick to prevent cumming all over the place!

He put his hands up her skirt from behind and plays with her naked ass, while he lies back and pushes his hard cock in and out of Marie’s wet cunt. I wonder what Jacques would think of that…

I look back at my wife and realize that she is about to cum any minute now. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open and her breathing ragged. The movement of her hips becomes more urgent. Her hands are clawing at his shoulders. Then she stiffens and her hips start to shudder before it contracts rhythmically in the throes of an intense orgasm!

He grabs her ass and pulls her down on his dick, driving it even deeper into her sopping wet cunt. He accidentally slides her skirt up her buttocks and her pale ass is showing. She lies forward against him and I can clearly see that huge dick disappearing to the hilt into Jeanette’s cunt on every upstroke. Then his legs stiffen and he pulls her into his lap once more. He shoot stream after stream of hot cum up her cunt! Then his spasms subside en they lie quietly in a tender embrace with his dick still in her pussy. Later she gets up and I can see his soft cock slip out of her sopping wet cunt and flop onto his lap. She kisses him and bends to pick up her panties from the floor. He puts his spent cock back into his pants and zips up with a content grin on his face.

I look at Marie and see that they had just finished their business as well. She gets up and says something to Jeanette. Then they come walking in my direction, Jeanette with her panties clenched into a little ball in her fist. For a moment I think that they have seen me and are coming to me. I look away, trying to hide my face. Then they walk right past my table and disappear into the ladies’ dressingroom. I cannot believe that they have not recognized me! I use the opportunity to force my hard cock back into my pants and then get the hell out of there.

I get into my car and drive through the city, totally directionless and still very much stunned by the events of the night. I still cannot believe what I saw! I have an even bigger problem coming to grips with my reaction to it!

Just before 11:00 I drive back to the Black Stallion. I park the car and wait. At exactly eleven o’clock the two come walking out of the club. They see me and get into the car. Jeanette leans over and gives me a kiss. “Hi, Honey! Worked hard?”

“Yeah.” I lied. “And how was your evening?”

“Oh, wonderful! We had a ball!” Marie replied.

“Shit! More like a set of balls each…” I thought to myself.

We drop Marie off at her house and drive home. There I open the front door and let Jeanette in. She enters and switches on the light. I follow her into the house and I am once again enticed by the sway of those perfect hips. But what is that stain on her skirt just below her butt? She must have sat in something. Then it hits me! That is a cum stain! The guy’s cum must have leaked out of her pussy while we were driving home. She was not aware of it. Once again I cannot believe my reaction. Instead of getting furious with her, I am developing a massive hard-on! I do not understand my emotions at all! Only one thing I’m sure of, and that is that I must get my hard cock inside that cum-soaked pussy of hers as soon as possible! I put my arms around her and pull her close to me. I turn her around and kiss her passionately, while closing my right hand over her left breast.

“Wow! Down, boy!” she teases. “If this is what working late does to you, you should do so more often!” She puts her arms around me. My hands slide down over her butt and then I feel the wet stain. Without her noticing, I bring my fingers to my nose and smell on it. I was right! It IS a cum stain! This drives me wild! I slip my hand under her skirt and over per panty clad butt. She blocks my hand with hers as I try to reach between her thighs. “Wait!” she says.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“I would like to have a shower first.” she replied.

“But you showered just before you went to the club…?” I countered.

“I know, but I smell of cigarette smoke. I promise I won’t be long!” With that she disappears into the bathroom and closes the door. I lie on the bed and ponder the events of the night.

When I hear the water running, I decide to go and join her in the shower. I walk into the bathroom and see her lovely silhouette through the frosted glass of the shower door. “God, she is beautiful!” I thought to myself, feeling my cock rising to the occasion once again. I take off my shirt and open the laundry bin to put it inside. There, in front of me lie her soiled black panties! I pick it up and inspect the crotch. It is soaked with cum and her juices! I put it back and take off the rest of my clothes. As I turn to join her in the shower, she opens the sliding door and emerges. She is picture perfect! Her full firm breasts sway lazily as she wraps a towel around her wet hair. Her dark nipples are hard and her skin rosy from the warm water. My eyes drop to the roundness of her hips and settle on the golden trimmed triangle of her pussy hair. Her slit is clearly visible. I watch her while she dries herself, my dick rock hard!

She notices my hard-on. “My, but you ARE glad to see me!” she teases with a mischievous smile.

A man can take only so much! I grab her and kiss her passionately while steering her backwards toward the bed. I pull her down next to me and take those luscious tits in my hands. I lower my head to her right breast and my mouth closes around her hard nipple, sucking it into my mouth. She gasps as I let my hand roam down her body and home in on her blonde pussy. I let my fingers play with the soft folds of her cunt lips. Her hand closes around my dick and she slowly strokes it as I turn my head towards her cunt. I push two fingers up her soaked vagina and immediately feel the rhythm of her stroking on my cock increase. I pull my fingers out of her cunt and bring it to my nose. I can clearly smell the cum!

Then I get the inexplicable urge to lick the guy’s cum from her pussy! I kneel over her with my knees on either side of her head. I lower my head and she hesitantly spreads her legs. I spread the pink petals of her cunt lips and see her smooth, pink clit peeping from under its skin covering. I touch it with the tip of my tongue and feel her hips jerk in response.

My hard dick is hanging above her face while she strokes it with increasing vigor. Then I feel the soft, warm wetness of her mouth closing around the purple head of my dick. Heaven! I push deeper between her lips and start to slowly fuck her mouth while she sucks me. I suck her hard clit into my mouth. She gasps and I can feel her hips tremble. I let go of her clit and home in on her vagina. I kiss her pussy and let my tongue slip all the way into her soaked hole, there where a guy blew his load merely two hours ago! I can clearly distinguish the taste of semen from her normal juices. Instead of finding it distasteful, it turns me on immensely! I hungrily lick and suck on her pussy until I can feel the trembling and rocking of her hips, which precedes her approaching orgasm.

I pull my cock out of her mouth and slip between those lovely thighs. My dick is hard as a rock and her pussy is sopping wet! I move my hips forward slightly and feel the head of my dick nestle against her wet cunt lips. I push ever so slightly and feel those lips yield and fold around my knob. I take her head between my hands and kiss her passionately, while slowly pushing my dick into the soft, wet folds of her vagina. She responds by wrapping those long legs around me. I push deeper until I feel my balls pressing against her tight ass. I am inside her all the way! I begin to fuck her with slow, long strokes. She raises her hips to meet me on every downward thrust and moans softly as I fuck her harder.

Then, with my dick still lodged deep in her pussy, I turn us both around so that she sits on top of me. Those full, firm tits are hanging in front of my face like two giant water drops. I draw her left tit closer and suck her nipple into my mouth. I lightly nibble on her hard nipple, knowing how much she loves it. The increasing rhythm of her fucking confirms this. I lie back while she attacks my cock with her pussy, pounding away at me. Her moaning becomes loader and I can feel her juices, mixed with cum, flowing freely over my balls. I feel that familiar quivering of her thighs again. I put my hand on her naked buttocks and pull her into me, while fucking up into her cunt as hard as I can. She grabs my shoulders and screams as she explodes into an earth shattering orgasm. I battle to keep my dick inside her bucking pussy. Then the rhythmic contraction of her vagina on my dick becomes too much and it pushes me over the edge! I shoot stream after stream of hot, pearly white cum up her pussy, while holding her close.

Then she relaxes and collapses on top of me with my softening dick still inside her. We do no talk. I just hold her close while stroking her hair. Eventually she falls asleep on top of me. My mind races through the events of the night. So many questions… Why did she do it? Was it the first time? Had they planned it? Who are these guys? For how long had they known them? Why do I not feel betrayed? Why did I enjoy it so much to see another man fuck my wife? Why do I so badly want to see it again as soon as possible? How am I going to orchestrate it? And Marie… The fact that I now know that she screws around opens up new possibilities. Knowing that she and Jeanette like to do things together, who knows, maybe I can arrange a threesome with them? But how…?

More about that next time. I will definitely keep you posted!

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